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Directions: Suppose your university is going to host a summer camp for high school students. Write a notice to

1) briefly introduce the camp activities, and

2) call for volunteers.


June 20, 2014 a summer camp for students from high school on July 6, 2015. The event will include English learning and basketball games.

assist us in organizing the adequate patience with the adolescents. Peking University


Direction: You just bought an English dictionary from a famous e-commerce site only to find it not as good as you expected. Write an email to the customer service center to

1) complain the poor quality of the dictionary, and

2) give reasons for your complaints.

Dear Mr. Wang, (大家注意此处是逗号) dictionary bought from the bookone.com.

I ordered an Oxford Dictionary of Contemporary English a week ago. Yours sincerely, (逗号)

Li Ming(无符号,千万不要打点) 建议信

Write a letter to your university canteen, making suggestions for improving its service. You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET .

Dear Sir or Madam,

canteen do not have many options when eating in our canteen now. some down? Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


Write a letter inquiring a travel agency about the trip to Mount Huangshan. Some necessary details must be included. Do not sign your own name at the end of your letter, using “Li Ming” instead.

Dear Sir or Madam, this trip, such as the accommodation, the plans and the money it will cost.


What’s the deadline before we make the final decision? How do I pay for you

Yours sincerely,www.shanpow.com_2016年考研英语一小作文。

Li Ming



You want to apply for the following job: a personal secretary to the general manager, write a letter to Mr. Byron to:

1) show your interest,

2) describe yourself, and

3) explain why you would be suitable for the job.

Dear Mr. Byron,

general manager./In addition, I am an open-minded, cooperative and ready-to-help girl.


Directions: You find your study load is too heavy. Write a letter to your college teacher: 1) you need to withdraw from two courses,

2) explain the reasons,

3) ask if it is possible to obtain a refund.

Dear Professor Smith, Introduction to Elementary Education and Teaching Methods. Yours sincerely, Li Ming

am sorry for any inconveniences I have caused by this change in plans. Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


Directions:Your friend Smith told you he had started his own business. Write a letter to him to congratulate him and give him some helpful suggestions.

Dear Smith,

had opened your own firm in response to challenges, please never overestimate the difficulties and underestimate your ability.

Sincerely yours,

Li Ming



You have just returned from a visit to a university in Great Britain. And you were warmly treated there by Professor Smith. Please write a letter to express your thanks to him for his hospitality.

Dear Prof. Smith, showed me during my recent visit to your university. Sincerely yours,

Li Ming



Write a memorandum of about 100 words to the student service department and ask them to fix a telephone for each dormitory. Your Memo should include:

(1)Your purpose. (2) The reasons. (3)Your sincere hope.


Date: Aug. 8, 2013

To: The leader of student service department

From: Li Ming

Subject: Telephone fixing

I would like to remind you that we are in need of a telephone for each dormitory. As university students, we need to cope with the daily increasing communications with teachers, friends and people outside the campus.

We need a telephone to get and send message, which is important for us. Though most of us have mobile phones and e-mail address, a telephone in the dormitory is after all the most convenient and cheapest tool of communication.

I hope that you will pay attention to this problem and solve it as soon as possible.


Born to win


今年英语一的考研小作文,可谓是在大家的布阵之下,希望今天考试的你,把作文写得美美哒!小作文,是一种应用性短文,包括私人和公务信函、备忘录、报告等。仅仅信函类就包括辞职信、申请信、道歉信、慰问信、祝贺信等等,每年小作文的全国平均分为5.5-6分左右。一直以来,英语一和英语二都是并在一起的,从今年的出题角度来看,更是如此。接下来,跨考教育英语教研室高老师来为考生解读一下今年的考试试题。 Part A


Suppose you are a librarian in your university. Write a notice of about 100 words, providing the newly-enrolled international students with relevant information about the library. You should write neatly on the ANWSER SHEET.

Do not sign you own name at the end of the letter, use “Li Ming ” instead. Do not write the address .(10 points)


1、注意写作格式。通知类文章是一定要有题目,大家一定要在正文中心写出notice字样;其次,时间这一部分,是可以写在右上角也可以写在正文中;但是,此篇文章写在右上角会更恰当些。然后,正文部分直接一段或两端到底即可。最后署名部分,大家一定要签收,写上Library of Beijing University即可(李明是代表,所以我们应该写上的是他代表的组织)。



August 20, 2015

To ensure students from oversea be acquainted with the service of library in Beijing University, we write this notice to inform you of some important information about our library. To begin with, our library provides a large amount of books and materials covering not only all the majors and subjects, but also many extra-curricular reading materials, thus can satisfying all your reading requirements. Furthermore, the library opens during the week time, each day from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. Last but not least, only students enrolled in this university are admitted to enter into our library for a special Library Card would be required.

Anyone interested in studying or reading in our library should sign up their name with their monitor before August 31, and the Library Card will be issued within a week. Library of Beijing University






英语小作文的一般都可分为三段,同学们在写作的时候要注意开头和结尾。从第一段中就可得知是何种类型的小作文,说的什么问题。在称呼上,如果是不认识的人,一般称呼为敬词+尊称。例如,Dear Sir or Madam ;如果是写给关系正式的某团体或个人,称呼为敬词+尊称+名。例如,Dear Mr. xx或Dear Ms.xx;对于关系较亲密的人可以直呼其名。

正文格式一般格式为首段开头空四个字母,段落之间不空行;现在流行的格式,每段开头不空格,但是各段之间空一行。考生在格式方面可以根据自己的习惯进行选择。只要让阅卷人看得舒服,且完全符合应用文要求的文体就可以。 最有一段一般是回应第一段,或者再次表达感谢,期待回复等。简练在特别注意的。最后一段不需要含有很多的信息点,侧重固定词语的运用。







5. 询问信首先明确写信的目的,说明写这封信的目的是寻求某信息或帮助。然后询问具体问题,强调所需信息的重要性。最后表达获取信息的强烈愿望,提供联系方式以便收信人与你联系,并对有关人员表示感谢。




一、咨询信 ★★★★★

Dear Sir or Madam,

As a ……, I am writing to ask if ……. …….www.shanpow.com_2016年考研英语一小作文。

I,d appreciate it if you could ……/I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.(两句皆可)

Truly yours,

Xiao xiang

二、 投诉信 ★★★★★

Dear Sir or Madam,

I write this to place a complaint against ……/ I venture to write to complain about ……(两句皆可) the quality of ……I bought …….

During …… has been in my possession, problems have emerged one after another . For one thing,……, For another,…….

Therefore,I wish you would look into occurrence immediately and send me a replacement as soon as possible. or I will demand a refund.

Yours, Xiao xiang


三、 邀请信 ★★★★★

㈠发出的邀请信 分为邀请名人和邀请参加聚会. ⑴邀请名人 Dear ……,

We should be very grateful if you could ……/May I take the opportunity to you to …….(两句皆可).

Please let me know as soon as possible if you come and when you will be able to make it .

Sincerely, Xiao xiang

⑵邀请参加聚会 Dear ……,

I wonder if there is any chance for you to come to ……. It would be my pleasure to share the important moments with you. ……I am glad to tell you that ……. There are also arrangements for ……, which I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy.

The dinner starts at …… so that we can have a nice and long evening. I would love for you to attend, so pleasure let me know your decision .

Love, Xiao xiang

㈡回复别人的邀请信 一般情况下为拒绝别人的邀请信 Dear ……,

It,s an honor for me to be invited, but I deeply regret being unable to ……. …….

I do hope I can have a chance to visit ……. Regretfully,

Xiao xiang

(此种写信格式为顶格式写作 在考研英语作文中比较少见 但不失为一种新颖的写作方法 可借鉴)


①It would give me/us great pleasure to have your presence at the Reception /Dinner/Ceremony to be held on …… (date) at ……(place)at ……(time).

②It is my pleasure, on behalf of ……, to invite you to visit our university for a week/to present a key-note speech on …….

③We are having /planning a …… on …… (date) and we think it would be a good idea if you can join us.

四、 致歉信 ★★★


Dear Sir or Madam,

I regret to tell you that I won,t be able to …….

Consequently, I wish to know if it would be possible for you to ……. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused, and thank you for your understanding. You can contact me at ……, or call me at …….

Yours Sincerely,

Xiao xiang

五、 感谢信 ★★★

写作模式: Dear ……,

Please accept my thanks for the very pleasant time I spent together with you for ……, I very much appreciated your hospitality. …….I know the beautiful day will keep me happy for a long time. Thanks again for your warm hospitality and goodbye! I hope I can return your favors at ……very soon. Cordially, Xiao xiang

六、 ★★★★★ 写作模式:

To whom It May Concern,(解释为相关负责人)

In reply to ……(人名) request for a letter of recommendation, I have great pleasure to write this letter in his favor.

……(人名) was working with me for ……(three、four) years in the capacity of confidential clerk. We are once very good working terms. ……(人名) left me just because …….

During the years he was in my service, his work was highly appreciated bye everyone in my firm. He was conscientious to his work and responsible for his clients. I am sure you will find him strictly honest hardworking and intelligent in the best sense of the word, as I found his here.

Yours Sincerely,


Xiao xiang

七、辞职信 ★★★


Dear ……,

I am writing to inform you of my intention of withdrawing form my current position in …….

Thank you very much for having given me this opportunity to take such a promising position in …….

Though having ……. I, unfortunately, find that…… .First of all, ……,

moreover, ……. Therefore, I decided to quit this position after careful consideration. I wish you will considek my request.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience it might bring to you.

Yours Sincerely, Xiao xiang

另:附辞职信参考句式: ①Looking back upon …….

②my present job doesn,t fall in with my previous training and strength. ③However, As a young man whose primary interest is …… rather than …….

④I have had a very happy and enjoyable time working with you and other colleagues, from whom I have received lots of help and have learnt much.

⑤Please accept my sincere gratitude, as much as my regret for not being able to serve here any longer.

⑥I am sorry to inform you by this letter that I plan to …….

八、求职信 ★★★



Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to apply for the position of …… you advertised in yesterday,s …….

To briefly introduce myself, I am a graduate student of ……university majoring in ……, and

expect graduation this June, not only have I excellent academic performance in all courses, I also posses the rich experience of …… My interactive personal skill and teamwork spirit are also appropriate for this post. My complete resume is attached.

I would be grateful if you could arranger an interview at your earlist convenience.

Yours Sincerely, Xiao xiang

九、请求信 ★★★


Dear Sir or Madam,

……,and I am writing in the hope of your assistance to/ I would like to apply for ……/ I wonder if you could spare some time to …….(三句皆可)


Thank you for your time and patience./ Thank you for your consideration . I am looking forward to your reply./Looking forward to a prompt reply form you.(三句皆可)

Sincerely Yours,

Xiao xiang

十、建议信 ★★★


To whom It May Concern,(解释为相关负责人)

As a ……, I would like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation for your kind assistance as always. Meanwhile, I feel that it would be benifical to express my views concerning ……. In the first place, ……. I would also recommend …….Last but not least, …….

I hope that you take my suggestions into serious consideration.

Yours Sincerely, Xiao xiang

十一、贺信 ★★★★★